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What to wear this holiday season?: 8 Outfit ideas for women

What to wear this holiday season? 8 Outfit ideas for women

The Fundamental Picks

When choosing our travel attire, we have learned to rely on these items for style, comfort, functionality, packability, and variety. They serve as the framework on which we will add diversity and account for various weather situations. Depending on the season and the location, we might change the materials and cuts, but this will always offer at least one variation.

These are also the outfits we choose to wear the most at home. Instead of keeping a separate wardrobe for travel, We have learned to shop with a focus on travelling-friendly styles and materials. Therefore, Pickmart has a decent understanding of what goes on when it comes time to pack.

Over the years, we have learned a few tips for brighter and lighter packing. Making our travel outfit off of a select few essential items is one of those tactics.


The most flexible clothing option for vacation is a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit with off-the-shoulder shoes or high heels will steal the show. Jumpsuits are trendy right now. Jumpsuits with cropped bottoms, harem jumpsuits, spaghetti jumpsuits, and short jumpsuits are just a few types that cannot be overlooked and should be in your wardrobe when you plan a trip. One of the travel outfits that doesn’t require any changes is this one. You can choose this one vacation suit to represent your incredible assortment of travel attire.



Sweatshirts come to the rescue at that moment when the weather is not yet freezing but has started to grow chilly. When a chilly wind blows, you can stay warm with these. Even though these travel clothes are intended for mild winters, you can choose to pair them with scarves, overcoats, and winter hats if you have them in your trip closet. You are prepared for the season as Pickmart has enough supply in various hues and patterns.

Pairing Tip: You can wear a slightly more oversized sweatshirt with attractive yoga trousers or leggings. They look excellent with jeans or slacks. To complete this casual yet stylish travel ensemble, add a knit beanie.

black dress

Dress In Black

The most regal and elegant colour on the earth, black makes everything it touches regal. Just take a black outfit with you wherever you go. Ladies, stick to LBDs always; they are always in vogue. A black dress is worn on any occasion. Your list of travel attire should start and end with just one item. Pair it with sneakers, pumps, or red heels to make your trip outfit more sophisticated and make people admire how you look.

Off-Shoulder Tops

Depending on the buyer’s preference, these tops have wider necklines and one or two shoulder drops. The broad neckline on these tops extends from the shoulder to shoulder. The neckline is a little broader in the back and crosses the collarbone.

Pairing Tip: High-waist shorts, skinny jeans, or even an A-line skirt that look great with off-the-shoulder tops.

Off-Shoulder Tops

Long-sleeved shirts

There is always one top in your closet that you have saved for all the lazy days when you audaciously refuse to suffer the discomfort of waxing, that one that matches every bottom you own. In addition to this viewpoint, it has a sophisticated appearance and is offered online or in showrooms in various pricing ranges and colours. You may create a cute, laid-back vacation look by picking this one randomly and adding a pair of jeans, boots, and sneakers. It is a need when it comes to women’s travel attire.

Tank top

Tank top

There is just one top that will make you appear stylish, carefree, and ladylike all at once. No matter what else you choose to wear, off-shoulder tops will make a statement because everyone will be focusing on your stunning neckline and shoulders! The entire goal is that it never appears impolite while still portraying what has to be seen. When you learn how to wear and keep down tops like these correctly, you may first struggle, but you’ll become fascinated once you do. Additionally, because off-shoulder shirts are so popular, off-shoulder dresses are also readily available. We hope you’ll find a cute skirt or pair of shorts to go with your top if you decide to stick with it!

Checks Or Stripes

Now is the moment to wear that striped and checked t-shirt everyone has hanging around! A traditional set of stripes is never a mistake. Grab a striped t-shirt, crop top, or sweater; any of them will do. A traditional t-shirt with shorts or jeans made of the denim will look stunning.

Comfy leggings

In the heat, skinny jeans can be a little bothersome. Leggings are the most excellent clothing option for such days. Black leggings look great with this outfit and go with every top and hue. Put on your everyday black leggings and a tee or tank top. Add a jacket or coat for a statement appearance to rock the trend. This item of checked clothing is a lovely complement to this all-black ensemble.

Comfy leggings


Never forget that comfort comes first; there is no use in dressing up if you are uncomfortable wearing it. We promise that your trip will be unforgettable if you keep all of these suggestions in mind. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Don’t forget to leave us with your thoughts!

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