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Guide To The 6 Must-Have Bottoms For Women With Pickmart

Whatever you choose to wear, many different bottoms go well with other tops. Women rarely experimented with their underwear and would frequently settle for blue pants. Jeans are versatile, and you can wear them with nearly anything. But in addition to basic blue jeans, there are also a lot of different choices. One only needs to step outside their comfort zone to explore the fashion world further.

You only need the proper type or fit to be in good shape. People no longer choose black, basic slim jeans. They pursue color and many fashion trends. So, below is Pickmart’s guide on how to dress in various pants for ladies.


Jogger pants are a bit of a sportier style, but this is changing in the world of women’s design, where they are being worn more frequently with more formal or sophisticated outfits.

Their primary characteristic is the inclusion of elastic around the ankles, which makes them wholly cozy and toasty in chilly weather. Joggers come in various materials, typically cotton, corduroy, wool, or tweed.


Style Advice:

Joggers are a great way to make a statement! You did hear correctly. You may tuck in a striped tee and slip on a denim jacket for a casual yet accessible style, or you can throw on a sweater and a pair of sneakers for a relaxed, laid-back approach. You may also alter your outfit by donning an off-the-shoulder top with heels and a statement neck-piece.



Leggings are the ideal women’s sportswear if Joggers are athletic pants. Even though their use has declined recently, they are comfortable and great for going to the gym, exercising, or lounging around the house. Their primary qualities are elasticity and mobility, constructed of cotton or any other light material.

Bell Bottom Jeans

Slender or slim-fit pant has recently supplanted flared pant. Bell bottoms were popular in the 1970s and again in the 1990s.

Due to the resurgence of this style, women are currently reintroducing them into their wardrobes. Most of these trousers are loose-fitting jeans. However, bell-bottomed non-jeans are also common. 

Bell Bottom pants with a high waist are becoming more fashionable. Your tummy will be well-covered by high-waisted palazzos and flared pants. It evens out your broad shoulders. Bell bottoms flare are fitted up to the knee and then spread out. They are ideal for making you appear tall.

bell bottom jean

Style Advice:

  • Wear your favorite neck-piece with a simple-fitting tuck-in top.
  • Wearing a top that matches the color of the pants can give you a dressier appearance.
  • Add a shirt, then define your waist with a belt.
  • Play around with textures. Try a lace or a bare appearance.
Blue Denim Jeans

Blue Denim Jeans

Everyone’s go-to choice in bottoms continues to be denim. Whether worn with a top or a Kurti, denim looks great with both. You can wear denim for every situation, whether formal or casual. They are simple to wear and don’t need a special occasion. In addition to being robust and durable, they are straightforward to transport and maintain.

One of the most popular styles of jeans for ladies is skinny jeans. These jeans embrace the body and give the entire contour of the legs. You can stretch them! Girls or women with toned legs who aren’t afraid to show off look great in skinny jeans. One of their best features is that skinny jeans come in high, mid, and low-rise waist cuts.

Style Advice:

Sleek white t-shirts and athletic shoes go well with skinny pants. This straightforward yet elegant design is easy to achieve and almost ideal for college students.

Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts are one of the popular bottom clothing items, essentially abbreviated versions of pants or trousers. Denim Shorts come in various styles, from knee-length shorts to sporty shorts. Culottes and hot pants are two types of shorts typically worn by women. Teenagers are adopting it as a new fashion trend.

Denim Shorts

Style Advice:

Everyone else’s go-to summer look is a pair of shorts and a tank top. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to style this basic appearance. An excellent investment is a graphic vintage tank top.

Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt

Even if you’re not a girly girl, Denim Skirts are another pair of bottoms every woman should own. They may give you a gentle and elegant look and are perfect for spring and summer. They’re a win-win item in your closet because they look good on all body types.

Style Advice:

To give a denim skirt an attractive appearance, you might match it with a blazer or a sophisticated shirt and accessorize it with the right jewelry or a scarf.


These are a few of the bottom clothing items you should try if you want to revolutionize your look and wardrobe. There are many more that would require multiple articles to cover them all. Add as many layers and accessories to your clothing as you can to experiment as much as you can.

Choose one of these lovely trends that are now in style the next time you go bottoms shopping. Choose the right items for you and your body type from Pickmart. Choose the best option and begin playing with your style.

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