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10 stunning must have collection if you are in college!

10 stunning must have collection if you are in college!

The most memorable years of your life are likely the ones you spent in college. It is a chance to see various cultures, get to know new people, and enjoy life to the fullest. There are festivals, college events, and much more to look forward to, and if you’re concerned that you won’t have time for everything, to do homework and do assignment service is here to help! College is an opportunity to express your preferences and style if you enjoy fashion. When packing for college, it can be challenging to reduce your clothing.

To be really honest, you won’t need as much as you might anticipate. Avoid the mistake of packing too much clothing because it can be annoying when they only take up room in the closet and are never worn. Here are some of the essential items you need for your college outfit to assist you.

Simple Tops

Stock up on cozy, straightforward tops for your collection. You have the option of plain, simple colors or prints. These tees are simple to style and go well with any pair of denim. To finish the look, add a jacket layer over the clothing. You won’t be as excited in college to get dressed up every day. There will be lengthy workdays and late nights. At this point, all you would need to wear to class is a basic blouse and pants. You can be used for a lazy day, a trip to the grocery store, or the gym.

simple tops
crop tops

Crop Tops

The value of a crop top won’t become apparent to you until you enroll in college and observe how popular they are on weekends. Many individuals are uncomfortable with exposing their stomachs. However, crop tops can also be worn modestly. High-waisted jeans are the most straightforward option when wearing a crop top. You can wear them with shorts for a more laid-back appearance or a skirt for a night out. Crop tops are quite fashionable and cozy to wear.


Our understanding of its significance in our clothing grew after we spent most of 2020 in pajamas. Why not give the sweats a night off and dress up in stylish pajamas for bed instead of wearing them during the day? Pickmart sells a variety of adorable and opulent pajamas.

Cute Dresses

You’ll need to bring a few attractive clothes when you attend events. It would be best if you had a couple of outfits in addition to the essential little black dress in case you are invited to someone’s home or for supper. There are several top-notch clothing selections available on Pickmart. The adorable outfits will be helpful for birthdays as well as dorm parties. You can wear them any way you like, with tights, a jacket, or other accessories.

Cute Dresses


Your college wardrobe is still lacking if you don’t have a few sweaters to throw on when it becomes chilly outside. A sweater and leggings are the simplest ensembles to wear to class. In college, it’s all about wearing comfy clothes, and sweatshirts are great for lounging around. When studying in the library late at night, you can also wear them. You have access to a vast array of possibilities. You must select clothing that complements your sense of fashion and comfort.


Black opaque tights are a necessity for any girl’s outfit. Regardless of your age, you should have it in your wardrobe. For a fall and spring outfit, match the tights with a gorgeous cardigan, a skirt, or some boots. In the winter, you can bring a pair of fleece-lined tights to wear with skirts and dresses or wear a pair of tights underneath your jeans for added warmth.


It should go without saying that you need jeans in your collection. It would be best if you always had a good pair of jeans, regardless of age or location. During your first year, you’ll probably wear jeans every day. Bring at least four pairs of well-fitting, comfortable jeans. Consider choosing them with your body form in mind. It would help if you left any pants you no longer wear at home. Although buying dark-washed jeans is recommended, you can wear any hue that makes you feel most at ease. Carry high-waisted pants so you can wear a crop top with them.


Kurta and Jeans

Nothing screams comfort like your beloved pair of jeans; pair them with your favorite kurta, a pair of lovely tassel earrings, and stylish shoes, and get ready for a long day. Kurta and jeans are back in style. The kurta is a flexible garment worn with a long skirt and jeans for a classy, understated appearance. Put on a cotton kurta, a flared skirt, bare black metal, and kholapuri earrings for accessories, and you’re ready to go!


Be ready for whatever that college may throw at you this year. It truly gives me peace of mind to have these things in your wardrobe, which can be helpful if this is your first year away from home. Pickmart has prepared a wardrobe collection justfor you!

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